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Custom Features
I don't like this idea. It's already hard to fix the legacy code in order to provide these new features, keeping the old stuff just for some nostalgic haters would make even a bigger mess and, sorry, but I can't see a reason why would someone disable the remake features. If someone doesn't want "remade" stuff, then the one shouldn't touch the remake which is Colobot: Gold Edition, at all and should play the "good old" Colobot instead. "But it won't work on newer systems!" - so download early versions of Gold or modify and compile the source code by itself, no one will stop you. Providing such options would be like "hey, we are working really hard to provide you guys awesome features, let's give you an option to disable them!". It just sounds hilarious. I'm definitely against that idea. It's an open project, if someone doesn't like something, then change it. GOLD is not original COLOBOT, deal with it, it's a new game based on COLOBOT, nothing less, nothing more. If something's bad then well everyone can have their own opinion. It would be hilarious if some reviewer gave the game 9/10, but other 4/10 and the only difference was that the former disabled some features, whereas the latter didn't. What game would be GOLD with such options? It would be impossible to describe it. It wouldn't be a game, it would be a set of mediocre games.
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