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Custom Features
There is no point in creating switches to enable or disable individual features. First, there would be hundreds of them. Second, they wouldn't improve the game in any way. There are options for graphical features but this is more than obvious why they exist. If you don't like build() and factory(), just don't use them. We don't plan to remove astronaut's ability to build. Nothing is lost, something was simply added. If someone doesn't want something, they don't have to use it. We don't force anyone to use something that wasn't in original Colobot unless it's obvious improvement. I can't really say that keeping both CBot editors would be good. Is there something wrong with current one? Maybe we'll add some customizations to it, but I don't think we'll bring back the old one. CBot is currently mostly backward-compatible, so there should be no problem to people who prefer "original" CBot to share their programs with each other. New CBot is supposed to be backward-compatible with future versions but we can't fully guarantee that. CBot is somewhat broken and we want to fix it. It will never be forward-compatible though. We add stuff that most people would find useful, but we can't please everyone.
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