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40 random reliefs for level authors
Quote:Sort of but not really related, does anybody now where one can find more ground textures like "roca2" and "rocb2"?  Or does anybody know how to make them?

You'll have to make them. You need two base textures which you're going to mix. One texture (e.g. ground) is base texture, second texture (e.g. grass) is covering texture. You need to replicate them into a 4x4 grid, so you'll have a bigger texture with 16 identical tiles. One texture needs to be in lower layer, second texture needs to be in upper layer. Then you have to draw an alpha mask for the 16 tiles of the covering texture. You can use Photoshop, GIMP or Krita to do this. If you need specific instructions, I can make an example file in GIMP to explain the process.
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