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2nd Revision of the TerranovaTeam & ICC logos
(04-06-2016, 10:50 AM)RaptorParkowsky Wrote: This one's gonna be in Polish as I'd like to have full control over what I'm about to say without wrestling with my "English" which might have been a source of some of my troubles.

krzys_h Wrote:And it's your fault, you changed the proportions without telling anyone, and nobody really paid attention to such details because we trusted (notice the past tense!) that you'll make the 3D logo match the official 2D version as accurately as possible.
You should make the 3D version match the "more official" (because more frequently used) 2D version, not the other way around.

So this time I gave you a reason to not hate the 3D logo? Ok, I allow for a full revert of the logos (including ICC) from colobot-misc repo. However do not expect me to deny that the 3D version is how it is because of the looks of the original Colobot logo. The primary principle was for the logo to be in the edgy style of the original one.

Simbax Wrote:Is this a revenge for the times when we were renaming from PPC to TT and ICC? I remember that you wanted us to have a 3D logo, but a 2D one was chosen anyway, as we are all well aware.

No. These were olden times and if in fact I did whine so much to go for 3D I did that for the overall Colobot design which as we know is old-fashioned and almost everything is colorful, three-dimensional and loosely related with 60s sci-fi what I wanted and stil want to preserve. In the end I understood 2D being necessary because of its elasticity so I accepted it, making 3D logos a mere supplementation of the original version for the sake of promotion.

CHmSID Wrote:@RaptorParkowsky I urge you to drop the matter and as @tomangelo said, focus on making Colobot GOLD genuinely better.

That is what I did. The difference is that I wanted to take care of the community as a whole not just the game as I'm just not a programmer and as such I lack skills to focus on the game directly. I did what I could. I pointed out, multiple times, that switching the logo in most places was supposed to be my job which would not interfere with the routine of the team. It wouldn't interfere even with my routine, that is save catalog deletion for bug and memeory leakage hunting.

CHmSID Wrote:Please see that you are only making your situation worse here. A lot of respect is lost at an alarming rate here. Think why initially you were chosen as the Project Director? Do you really want to be "that guy who rage-quit couple of years ago"? You get to choose.

I know about that, That's why I just switched to Polish, as I just can't lead a proper discussion in English. After reading my posts I had the impression that not everything was stated clearly and with the right emotional tone as I could have done by writing a wall of text as I did in the times of PPC. Everything is stiff, crude, simple without any juice whatsoever. The transition of ICC and TerranovaTeam entirely to English was one of the reasons why I write so little on the forums and I do not attempt to arrange anything like in the good old days when I had something valuable to write.

Simbax Wrote:Oh, sorry, I've mistaken you for Raptor, a person I actually trusted. You know what? *cut* you. I really wanted to be nice, I really wanted to communicate with you to set things right, also I really wanted to ignore your impertinent behaviour but the only thing you care about is your ill obsession about your vision of Colobot. I see no longer point in trying to communicate with a person who is older than me and therefore should be more mature, but behaves like a little child who blackmails their friends that he won't play with them until they play with his very specific toy. You literally said that, publicly, and directly in my face on priv. You said you wouldn't work with us until we accepted your conditions. There is proof in the logs from the recent ColoIRC and I have a screenshot from our little conversation, probably the last one by the way. I don't care if you go away and sulk like you did a week ago. I don't want to work with you any more. I no longer trust you. I don't know how you managed that, but there needs to be a lot of talent involved in losing all the positive reputation earned in a few years in a *cut* week, moreover because of a bunch of some stupid vectors. A lot of talent.

You are right @Simbax, I am an idiot. I admit I am childish and stupid. On top of that I'm a one ugly mo******er.

Well... I'm not gonna hide that I'm living though a tough time in my life. One might say depressing time. I'm not sleeping well and I'm forcing myself to learn anything and do something for that project because I constantly have an impression that in comparison to for example krzys_h I do not much at all. I can't code, webdev, organise, admin... In fact I can't do anything valuable in this project.  For the last two years I've been tinkering with my skills in GIMP, Inkscape and Blender to learn something and once in a while do something useful. I hoped for this time to be just like that even though I have no talent even in this field what I attempted to patch with my filosofy. It doesn't surprise me that you don't threat it seriously when someone resistant to programing and mathematical wisdom tells you that his work is mathematically correct. I was foolish attempting to make this a merit which would make me feel needed in this community. Specialist in esthetics and canon EPISTEC design. I'm a twit.

krzys_h Wrote:You are the one stopping the evolution of the project, since a few weeks we are doing nothing but arguing about your "fixed logos".

You are right. Unlike most of you I did not make any progress here for a few years. I'm clicking on my funny, old computer assembled with used parts rendering not so ambitious CGI and manually assembling the "New GOLD Catalog Scheme" which you eventually did in a week. I'm pathetic.

I burned out. That's for sure. I'm not capable of doing anything anymore and I'm not certain whether there is any sense to start anything new or continue to learn, for instance, graphics editing. I'm hollow, I don't have what it takes. It's all wasted. 

I'd like to apologise. Apologise for all of this. I do not regret the work I've done because I know it was for Colobot and it was good. It didn't turn out very well. You can now get back to work.

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