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UI Proposal
Hey, since we're gonna need to wait some time for UI overhaul, how about UI retexturing? I made some low quality flat UI retextures, applicable as mods. Maybe you can improve them to make them look at least a bit more like UI on your screenshot (darker, more flat, and more modern and professional looking than mine). Feel free to use them.
Of course it doesn't concern anything about fonts or button/indicator placement or the custom features like console etc, but hey, you can experiment with flatness, icons and transparency using for example only ms paint, so its like low time investment against up to 60%-70% result. I guess you can even copy features directly from your ui.png screenshot to colobot's bmp files. (You said something that it's just a visualisation). Check my signature for UI texture pack. It's really only a couple of 1024x1024 textures made mostly of 64x64 squares.

P.S. Also about making custom UI's: It may be 'hard' to get over some stuff, that's not seen on your screenshot namely two things:
- maps have water and land colors defined in each level files (scene.txt), for some levels these colors may just accidentaly clash horribly with UI colors that you decided to use.
- astronaut has option to define color of the flag he puts on ground by button, so yep, either you use these rainbow colors there for the buttons or somehow spell out color names on them.

For Colobot: Gold Edition check out my TrueLevels level pack, UI Texture replacement pack and Sound Effect replacement pack.
Trailer for TrueLevels and my youtube channel here. Cheers!

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