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[Idea] Position Randomizer for LevelController
I think it's a good time to document this LevelController aka "GhostBot" thingie and other scene related stuff somewhere. Maybe we should do some pages about creating (user-)levels in SatCom instead of Wiki, GDD, etc.

I think it would be easy and quick enough to just "port" and update original PDF document about creating (user-)levels. Then every chapter would be different SatCom page, there would be also images from original PDF (if I remember correct, in there was all images from that PDF in better quality).

Porting that PDF would be good start for making it up-to-date. It will be enough easy to add something there, update or translate this.

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RE: [Idea] Position Randomizer for LevelController - by RaptorParkowsky - 04-29-2016, 06:39 PM

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