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Colobot: Gold Edition Logo 3rd Revision
Ok, so here's the result of messing with too tight and small letters:

[Image: tkjPzO6.png]

And here's closer look at all visible errors of the beveled meshes:

[Image: chiV7rr.png]

Well, about that big "G" is real problem, because it's used also in "GOLD EDITION" version of the logo. I can try tweak it a bit but this will probably completely change the 3D shape of subtitle's font. Or also I could convert 3D text object to just regular mesh and fix the geometry manually, but this is too lossy solution. Then probably every other text that we would render this way would require some manual and struggling work to fix the shape of every letter. So there's one advantage for Ubuntu font, which is looking better on similar settings of the bevel and have no mesh distortions.

Anyway, Poland FTW.

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