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*NEW* User Level 'Protacton' and Regenerated 'Second Moon'
>Plays Repopulation
>Spams eggs everywhere on map
>Good job, mission accomplished.
>Starts Free Game
>Immediately regrets everything


What I have noticed in your missions is, while they are cool, they tend to be too long, which by itself wouldn't be that big problem if not for the fact that it's nearly actually impossible to do with only coding. First mission could be very easily split into two missions (Destroy Uranium deposit; Genocide + Fetch Black Box).
"Deep within all of us lives an idiot, and if you let that idiot dictate your decisions your live is going to be rough."
~ Ryan Letourneau, 2k15

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RE: *NEW* User Level 'Protacton' and Regenerated 'Second Moon' - by radioactivity - 06-10-2016, 09:42 PM

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