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CoLoBoT 15th Anniversary Preparations
Ok, I think I'll menage doing it.

As for my programming knowledge, I generally code in python, Mathematica (symbolic calculations), rarely c++. I'm linux only user, about a year ago I gave up on dual boot Smile I heve no IT education, I'm physicist so my programs rather have command line interface and numerical or data presentation purpose. I know how to use git but on github I'm beginner because I code alone. I hope you'll excuse me if I'll do some dumb things while committing Big Grin

Summarizing, is this a part of 1.9 milestone? Should I post it as an issue on github?

If so, we can continue discussion about the rest things in this milestone. Smile

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RE: CoLoBoT 15th Anniversary Preparations - by Karol - 07-21-2016, 09:13 PM

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