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CoLoBoT 15th Anniversary Preparations
Thank you @Simbax for your feedback. I'll think about those filenames and how to change them without losing so much of readability and directory sorting.

(09-05-2016, 09:02 PM)Emxx52 Wrote: Don't make the same mistake twice @RaptorParkowsky, I've made that Dropbox folder for a reason. I can give you access if you want to change anything or just tell me to change it here.
Yes, but if I would do any changes, then you would probably name it as sabotaging your files. That's why I decided to do this such way at this moment. And having actual package in almost finished state to work with and show is much better than just talking about the changes in this case, because I can see how people and software reacts to it.

(09-05-2016, 09:02 PM)Emxx52 Wrote: I've deleted some meta fields as they seemed redundant and while doing so I tried to follow the convention I established for the C:GE soundtrack.
I don't think repeating the same info (Copyright notice/Description/URL) or mentioning TerranovaTeam or us as album 'artists' is necessary, hence I still don't agree with your proposition. If you want to release these tracks like that then at least don't mention me in this genuinely fantastically tagged album.
How those fields in meta tags can be redundant if they are designed to be filled with such kind of informations? Are we still talking about official OST release or just about pirated MP3/another lazy music release from some digital distribution websites? Or maybe you think this is some kind of DRM? I don't think blending this release with Colobot: Gold Edition unfinished OST is good manner, because this is different game, different music, different year, different cover art design, different almost everything. And original Colobot is finished product unlike of GOLD.

BTW talking about cover art design. Today I prepared new cover art which is almost 100% accurate to the original poster of the game. Personally I like it more than the previous one. I hope someone other than just me and my sister will like it too, here's the result:

[Image: lTqwC5R.png]

I don't know how to treat this cover art in this release. I would completely replace it in this package and in our repo. There's no need to keep that old one that I made so long time ago basing on intro splashscreen from original Colobot (maybe in some kind of Special Edition Rolleyes ?). What's opinion about this?

As you can see, all I want to achieve here is just accuracy and faithfulness to original EPSITEC design in case of Colobot related things. This is just what EPSITEC would do in 2001, but because of obvious reasons just couldn't.

If EPSITEC would release a stand-alone album with the music from Colobot game on CD, propably it would look pretty much like this. There would be mini book with some photos from the game, descriptions and creators/copyright notices about the album in the back. Exact things should be provided in digital release, but in a digitally processed way - the cover art in the lossless hi-def file, propably some extras and the meta tags.

(09-05-2016, 09:02 PM)Emxx52 Wrote: Around eight months ago I created a track for C:GE called Colonize with Bots. There is no reason to name yet another track like that.
Again don't blend original Colobot with Colobot: Gold Edition as they're supposed to be just like another "original vs remake" games. If you have a better idea how this track should be named then just say that. There really should be "CoLoBoT" some way in there as this is probably the most commonly played music in the game (intro, winmission animation scenes). That's why I think this is kinda "CoLoBoT Main Theme/Jingle".

(09-05-2016, 09:02 PM)Emxx52 Wrote: You know what? Let's make that even longer!
Mankind's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Adventure of Exploring Space while Discovering the Truth and Doing Substantial Research - Space, Science and Stuff.
What's wrong with 4 (5th is hidden in american way) words in the title? And why do you scream like I would do actually something like that: "Mankind's Most - The Thrilling Adventure" (now that's real piece of crap...)? I just wanted to quote a text from the game clearly. Why I should be restrict to only two words in title per track in whole album? #Diversity bro!

(09-05-2016, 09:02 PM)Emxx52 Wrote: Eh, let's just stop here. [...] these [titles] were almost as terrible as your previous ones - of course that's just my subjective opinion.
So what's wrong with "Digitally Crystal Virus"? I know, it's crazy, but I think this craziness is just like in the game itself. A big organic worms that lives on crystal planet with ability to infect software by the air - that's even ridiculus, or just colomagic. Titles represents the game in the game's closest way.

For the counterargument your "Hope" title doesn't represent anything what I would connect to this game. What kind of hope do you hear in it? What's repesentative in the missions where you can hear this music?

Or the "Virus" title. Definitely one word is not enough to name this track, especially when you don't really hear any infection themes in it instead of some crystalic sounds.

So what's terrible in my titles again? Did I do some English mistakes? Or maybe you just don't feel them in the game somehow? Just tell me this in clear way here. I'm not a girl who understands what people say by their emotions and laconic sentences.

That's all that I can say now.

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