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Hello, Colonists!

If memory serves me correctly. I played Colobot when I was younger, and enjoyed it. When I saw Colobot: Gold Edition on the Ubuntu software repository, I just had to have a play.
I love the concept of being able to have a fleet of helpful bots at your command to help you colonize the across the stars!

The reason I came to this forum is that I was looking around for an open-source project I could get involved in to gain experience in working as a team. Colobot was the perfect chance.
I admit I am very much new to the idea of shared code, but this is why I am here: I want to learn! Nevertheless, I hope I can give some worthwhile suggestions and contributions.

I am a young web developer with a small experience in c++ who loves to compose music, and I like to play around with Blender and GIMP. I very much enjoy 2D texturing. I'm not as good at 3D work.

I very much like to be critical of things, because the small details are what makes a game  good or bad. So I try to give truthful opinions, though I do not mind if they are not accepted. Smile

On an aside, your "Game Design Document" link on the "How to contribute" page on github gives me a 404 error. Thus, I have little idea of the technical details of the project.

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