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Finally found my childhood game :)
(10-02-2016, 09:21 PM)tomangelo Wrote: Hi Ivor,

It's nice there are still some people that remember this old game.

There is a bit new things, and there will be in future a lot of new things.
Currently game engine got number of optimizations and bugfixes, It's now multiplatform, so it will be running under most of major OS, not only Windows, but also Linux, MacOS, in future maybe Android, RaspberyPi-like devices and more. There is new mode - Code Battles, where you can test your coding skills against computer, or your friends code. Code list for robots isn't limited to 10 programs anymore, you can add and remove programs from list whenever you want. There is also first person perspective for main character, so you can watch game from your avatar eyes, a lot of CBOT improvements, optimizations and bugfixes. And a lot of more changes, there is a changelogs list
And in future - new models, textures, sounds (there is currently a few new tracks), probably renewed levels (both campaign and exercises ones), further CBOT extensions and bugfixes, new UI, improved modability (it will be possible to add completely new robots, buildings and other objects only by installing files, without messing with source code, like now), more improvements for user levels creators (we want to implement LevelController, which would allow to script various events in custom levels), maybe second game language (Python, Lua, maybe other scripting language). After completing Gold Edition, there might be Colobot 2, completely new game, unlike Colobot: Gold Edition that's only remaking and improving original game.
Thank you for the info ^^ This game has so much potential. Even real time pvp or co-op survival would be great options.

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