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Idea for Colobot 2
this my idea for Colobot 2:
After the migration to Terranova you start an exploring programm to it´s Moons, a modified Version of Jinx, the planet the official user mission Alert on and many other planets in the solarsystem.
It should include some new bots:
1.Builder(wheeled,tracked,legged,hovered  and winged available)
Model:old shooter model
acts:like a grabber bot with the build order on the gui, can´t grab
acts:like the normal LRV exept for that, that it can be programmed and can store 2 items on it´s seats
3.Kamikazi Bot(winged,wheeled,hovered and tracked available)
Model:targeting bot
acts:like a conrollable targeting bot, which only blows up, when he hits an enemy
4.Hovercraft(grabber,sniffer,shooter,builder,kamikazi and orga shooter variants available)
acts:like a wheeler,which can climb steep terrain and drive ON water and other liquids
model: a floating wheeled trainer without wheels
5.Taser(tracked available)
Model:normal tracked  bot with a single, yellow phaser gun,not with the niner gun from the phaser
acts like:a shooter, which targets are gonna get shocked and stunned for a longer time than from the stomper,if hit(works on the astronaut and on bots too).
Work it harder
Make it better
Do it faster
Makes us stronger
More than ever hour
After our work is never over

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