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Implementing the LRV
Here is my idea how to make the LRV a bot:
changes to the LRV:
terrain:not anymore able to drive underwater
storages:2 the empty place in front of the seats,the seats
energy:on the moon a special battery, which can not be taken out and looks like part of it´s back block
battery storage:the battery storage in back block, if the LRV is build a part in the back block is missing(the place where the special battery was) in this part a battery can be put
health:now has health

changes to Cbot:
A new command called force is :added, which forces the nearest, charged grabbing unit or the astronaut to bring an item onto one of it´s storages:

Extern Void Object: ?
:   force(PowerCell.PlaceOne);               //Forces nearest grabbing unit to bring a PowerCell to storage place 1.
:   force(PowerCell.PlaceOne.away);       //Forces nearest grabbing unit to bring the PowerCell from place 1 away.

And the command ignore, which will let a grabber ignore the LRV´s orders:

Exter Void Object:Ignore
:  ignore();//Let´s the bot ignore the LRV.
:  ignore(PowerLevel.2)//Let´s the bot ignore the LRV´s orders if it has a lower energy level than 2.

new exercising levels:
Remote Control #9
How to use the LRV commands.

new challanges:
Moon Explorer
Use tracked grabber and the LRV to find 3 Titanium and 1 Uranium ore.

Charging drill #1
Use the ignore command to let the subber charge,before it executes the orders.
Work it harder
Make it better
Do it faster
Makes us stronger
More than ever hour
After our work is never over

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