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Implementing the LRV
If you have ideas for exercises and challenges, I strongly encourage you to create your userlevels based on existing onesSmile it's a great way to learn how it all works in game, and what options are nice, what missions would be interesting, and such - test it yourself, and if you like it, share it with othersSmile
About the fuctions in cbot - there are better ways to communicate between bots - you might try to test them, check the "global variables"- you'll be able to command a bot to deliver resource to astronaut - go through exercises and you'll be able to write your own functions like force() and ignore() easilySmile
The idea with storage on LRV is ok, like an idea of a storage bot with several storage slots in general - but it appears it is not currently doable - it would require everyone to work on changing the fundaments of the game, as carrying many objects or even having an object loading slot that would work for something else than a power cell is currently not implemented. Same as adding other features you suggested - they aren't here not because noone thought about it, but because it would require years of hard work to put them in and working correctly. And it's very hard to do so. Just check how everyone tries to understand what is even happening in the code, here on github I'm an engineer of robotics and have done some programming projects, but I don't get how this works and could not implement anything without studying game code for years. If you're determined I encourage you to learn C++ and programming, and get into this code to try and work on it in the futureSmile

For Colobot: Gold Edition check out my TrueLevels level pack, UI Texture replacement pack and Sound Effect replacement pack.
Trailer for TrueLevels and my youtube channel here. Cheers!

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