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[solved] No problem

( PLOT TWIST : THAT WAS A SYNTAX ERROR : missing "sens" parameter in radarall )

I'm actually trying to succeed a code battle with a friend.

I would like to try my code against bots, the 2nd "code battle" mission. But I had a problem. My code works against ants. I dont kills them, but I can build an army of robots. But when I try against bots, my robot stop on a call on busy();

Here is the piece of code :

bool checkTitanium(){
        object[] converters = radarall ( Converter, 0, 360, 0, 500, FilterFriendly| );
        if(sizeof(converters)==0){return true;}
        for (int i = 0; i < sizeof(converters); ++i)
            object conv = converters[i];
            bool bu = conv.busy();

I play against the red robot, my converter just made a fresh Titanium, so it should be not busy anymore. I play with errmode(0), it just stopped on this word with no feedback.

I've tried to move this call of "busy()" but it seems to be this function...

Thank you for your help Smile
Love from la France

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