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Help with CBOT environment control:

I'm currently working on a really cool mode (at least I think it's cool) for Code Battles. King of The Hill to be exact. And I'm a bit stalled, as it'll rely heavily on Overlord Bot, wich will take care about respawning destroyed bots. The issues I have are:
  • Is it possible to produce(); damaged and powered vehicle?
  • Is it possible to produce(); vehicle with loaded and running user's program without necessity to paste it earlier in predefined directory? (i.e. Save program as public and run it at respawn.
  • Is it possible for neutral bot to spawn teamed bot?
I answers to those are "No." I'll be rather unhappy, but I already have workarounds prepared. But they're not foolproof and rather complicated to implement (namely multiple "service" bots, at very least 8 of them).

Also, I'd appreciate if someone passed me knowledge on how to dynamically keep track on bots, specially their ammount.
I'll need to write a CBOT script to keep 2 Tracked OrgaShooters and one Practice Bot per team with 5s respawn cooldowns (it's completely untested ammount obviously and I will adjust it as needed.

Also, question for you guys - would you prefer to play it 'till first bot gets on platform or first-to-get-3? CBOT Overlord program adds shitton of possibilities to Code Battles.

PS Yes, I am hyped.
Si vis pace, para bellum.

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