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*NEW* User Level 'Protacton' and Regenerated 'Second Moon'

It's finally time to release a new user level.  Protacton is a sickened radioactive planet, home to a lost UEPA mission.  Follow the timeline of the planet's return to colonization by completing the missions!

NO SNAPSHOTS! They spoil the surprise.

I'm also uploading a CoLoBoT GOLD Regeneration of my old user level "Earth's Second Moon"  It's much prettier than the old one.

Just click the link to download the zip folder, and place the ZIP itself in the mods folder of Colobot!

I want comments with criticism and ideas to improve my level making.

The next user level is..."Geti-Alpha"...

a great user level to write programs to kill and destroy things, and fetch things

a classic level

Previous levels:
a long challenge that is well worth the precision with great nature

a very difficult level, my first one, not as good as my new ones
enjoyed PROTACTON - first level seemed a bit tedious, but that just may be me - later levels seemed a bit easy
I'm glad you liked it! Smile  You completed every level with no problems? 

I'm sorry about the range from tedious to easy, I have to work on that.
>Plays Repopulation
>Spams eggs everywhere on map
>Good job, mission accomplished.
>Starts Free Game
>Immediately regrets everything


What I have noticed in your missions is, while they are cool, they tend to be too long, which by itself wouldn't be that big problem if not for the fact that it's nearly actually impossible to do with only coding. First mission could be very easily split into two missions (Destroy Uranium deposit; Genocide + Fetch Black Box).
"Deep within all of us lives an idiot, and if you let that idiot dictate your decisions your live is going to be rough."
~ Ryan Letourneau, 2k15
Thank you so much for the feedback. This is what I want from the people of the forum. 

Thanks for the input. I was afraid the tediousness of levels would disappoint people. I'll be working on that for Geti-Alpha. 

Now when you said spams eggs everywhere, what did you mean by that? Did you have to lay the eggs next to the nests in order to take off?

And why did you regret everything? I don't take offense at all, I'm just genuinely curious so I can make better levels in the future. 

Thanks for the reply!
It's a joke. You can spam eggs literally everywhere and because it's possible I decided it's a good idea. And next mission (i.e. Free play) has metric ton of aliens (Which I am implying, is supposed to be because I spammed them in earlier mission)
"Deep within all of us lives an idiot, and if you let that idiot dictate your decisions your live is going to be rough."
~ Ryan Letourneau, 2k15
Perhaps it is just me, but finding uranium ore & getting rid of it seems a good thing, but maybe not so much of it, same with worms on 2nd moon - for me, it seems finding solution and applying same is good, but over & over all the same gets to be too much - that said, other things that require skills after discovering solution (with time, resource or quantity pressure can be enjoyable). Again, this is just how it seems to me.

good levels & enjoyable

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