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Stuck on Crystalium
Hi all,

I have am playing with this very funny game with my very little son which wants to play it everyday Smile

But now we are stuck on the 3. episode on Crystalium. There, some robot stole a black box (we have the game in French, not sure I use good english terms but well). The robot flies away, but at some (random) point it begins to make small circles in the air until its power cell is discharged. Then it falls on the soil, keeping the black box in its arm. No way to take the box from it.

I looked at some video on youtube and also to some help in colobot itself. It seems the robot should fly to a certain point and drop the box by itself. Why doesn't it happen on my computer ? Smile

Finally I even tried some cheat codes found on internet to unlock resting episodes (alt+pause + some command) but even this doesn't work Smile

I installed colobot 0.1.6-alpha from apt-get on Linux Mint 18. Today I compiled the version 0.1.10-alpha after downloading it from he colobot website, but the bug is still here...

Any hint ?

My son and me thank you very much for your help Smile
This bug still probably exist in recent Colobot: Gold Edition builds, but only in 32-bit versions of the game. 64-bit should work fine.

To open the cheat console: press "~" on your keyboard, then type "winmission" and just skip this mission.
Thank you very much @RaptorParkowsky Smile

My son highly appreciate Big Grin

PS: In case someone else meets the same issue: I had to switch to the US keyboard to access the ~ character. With my French keyboard activated, the [AltGr] + [2] did nothing in Colobot.

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