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Codding colobot in other redactors?
Hi everyone. I have very important need to change situation because i'm starts to suffering from my own classes and functions which i created. 

There is too much code, unnecessary(for my eyes) code which i'd like to hide somehow,but since redactor in colobot is primitive as a rock - no chance to do so.

So my question, how can i programming colobot's .txt programs in normal,serious IDE which i have like VS, QT or codeblocks? Because they provide divine option to roll up(minimize) functions and classes which just must be in the file but they took instead of 300 lines only single one:

[Image: example.jpg]

I cant just work there because there is no debugger which would check for syntactic errors in colobot.

P.S. or mb someone have pluggin for colobot's ingame redactor?) I'd be grateful!
Cbot code is saved as .txt files, so you can open them in any text editor you want. There are even some syntax highlights for various editors (Notepad++, Sublime Text, vim and more) in old threads, some of them might be outdated though.
Unfortunately there is no complete IDE (except build-in one) with "compiler" and debugger yet, so you need to save any changes in external IDE and load file in game every time you changed something.
Spoiler :
[Image: unknown.png]
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