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How build my own colobot with CMake?
Attached thread "Microsoft Visual Studio Building" describes nothing useful for average programmer, or beginner programmer and especially totally useless for people which never programmed anywhere but in Colobot.

How the hell i might understand what it's saying in that instructions?:

3. Copy the content of the bin directory to a place which is included in your PATH environment variable or just add the bin directory to your PATH variable. You may need to restart your computer or the command line after that.

1.) What bin directory?Of CMake which i just downloaded?But there are no obvious bin in main folder. I searched btw,found like 5 of them which should i copy? Or its bin of colobot? But there is no such thing in colobot folder.
2.) What is the  PATH environment variable i well know what variable in programming is, but what implied here? 

4. Use cmake-gui or the command line in order to build Colobot to some directory (preferably colobot-repo\build).

1.) What is cmake-gui, downloaded latest version of CMake from off-site and no .exe-files, nothing with which i could run it. BTW created new CMake project in VS 2017, seems empty or i missing something.

5. Run cmake with variables set properly according to the package and your environment:

Again, there is no .exe file for running, and no CMakeSetup.exe file as guided in official site of CMake....

I don't continue that list because it all even more darkness, would be even more questions about building colobot.

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How build my own colobot with CMake? - by Engelard - 05-31-2018, 05:30 PM

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