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How build my own colobot with CMake?
Ok, now i reach the point of build, but i cant because error tells me that i'm doing something wrong:

[Image: whatwhat.jpg]

4. Use cmake-gui or the command line in order to build Colobot to some directory (preferably colobot-repo\build).

Directory for source code i choose simple copy of colobot directory, second - empty NEW folder. In "Configure" autochoose was simple VS 2017(which i have installed and its work fine like five months in this computer. After that error in cmake-gui i went into description of my VS and there was x64 version, so i choose in configure x64, but still same error, now i tried everything and no idea what to do next, no google and Youtube videos cant help me i simple choose something wrong in cmake-gui.

P.S. In instruction number 5. Run cmake  Cant run it at all, after running cmake.exe its close itself in first millisecond...
P.P.S How can i use the spoiler function to cut aside that images and other stuff on this forum?No such button i can see here..

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