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Frogs in space !

So... Quick introduction :
I am pakoskyfrog, redheaded french guy, I love rubik's cubes, modular origami, astrophysics, psychedelic trance, white chocolate...
I have a formation of scientific programming, meaning I can do physics expreriments on computers, optimizing speed of algorithms, paralellize functions, ...
I designed a few mini/microgames on Löve2D/Lua, like a hexagonal version of sweeper or a personalized tetris with fun options and gamemodes, and a few big, unfinished, promising games (RPG, RTS, TowerDefence).

I love what I've read about what is becoming colobot, I really love this educational game.
I am currently retrofitting a set of 8 missions that I made a few years ago so they'll work on the Gold edition. You even have to beat a IA to tic tac toe at some point ^^
[Image: 1oni2u.jpg]

I will immerse myself in the forum, will try to be active, involved and (fingers crossed) productive. So... what do you need ? I heard about a wiki, could be a start for me.

I took a glance at the depos on github, I will try to compile and make it work.


p.s. : be assured I intend to stay around quite a while  Smile
Hi, pakoskyfrog.

Nice to hear you are motivated to stay and help here. I'm afraid that the only thing you can do right now is to try to fix issues listed on GitHub. You've already noticed we've moved to a new forum. We need to tweak it a little bit before we focus on something else. We are thinking about what to do with our current Wiki here.

And of course you can always help with refreshing the graphics (models, textures).

Your missions seem interesting Smile When do you plan to release them? Your level design skill might be helpful too, we are going to work on missions at some stage.
[Image: XvN5CTW.png] [Image: UYXyyMS.png]
Concerning the missions, they are all in french... So i will need to translate all of that in english first.
The retrofitting is quite easy, already have two working.
But when i look at the details, like the programs I use in non-playable bots, I think it is... a big ugly mess ^^
I also need to clean that up.

I did make 3 floor textures 1024x1024 for those missions (too heavy to be put in full here but you can see one here) and a nice water that i joined to this message. I can do simple texturing, but it's not really my specialty... (it's even more true for 3D textures)

And I guess I won't touch the wiki until its form is decided.

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