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Hey guys, just wanna say I love what you're doing! I'm an old fan of Colobot and only just learned that it's now open-source and being updated... will definitely be keeping an eye on this project! Even heard that you guys have a Colobot 2.0 planned for the future and a possible Steam release for Colobot Gold? Very awesome (if it's true)!

A little about myself:
- I'm currently a software engineering student at a university in the U.S. specializing in artificial intelligence
- I've done a bit of game development myself (a little sandbox rpg called Despicaville)

Colobot Development Hopes:
Would love to see some new buildings/bots/resources to expand the strategy side of the game. It was always when I thought the game was really starting to get interesting... needing to build up a whole autonomous colony that can withstand assault... but felt it never really went as far as it could have. I think it would be amazing to see a whole new set of missions to really bring the strategy side further involving an opposing enemy base, like some intelligent (and hostile) alien race that is also trying to colonize some planet you've landed on, and more military-ish programmable bots (like bipedal drones). Colobot Wars lol Would be an awesome basis for Colobot 2.0, eh? *nudge nudge* Anyways, keep up the awesome work and let me know if you need any help Wink

Our current plans: Colobot: Gold Edition will be a refreshed version of original Colobot, it mostly will have original missions (they might be changed, modified, maybe add some new, we have plans to include a retrospection missions, when we'll can control bots from first expedition) and exercises , ( we want to add exercises from Ceebots in the future), bots will be from original Colobot too (there are already plans for BuilderBot with possibility to build a buildings, but probably it won't be available in main story missions). Of course it will be possible to add custom bots, buildings, maps, aliens and many more elements when it will be stable, C:GE will be easy to modify, but main part of the game will be probably only refreshed.
Steam release will be after improving graphics and sounds.
New missions, races, etc. will be on Colobot 2, but for now we're focusing on developing Colobot: Gold Edition, we don't have plans for C2 yet.
Spoiler :
[Image: unknown.png]
Will be really neat to see what mods people come up with Big Grin (perhaps I'll make a Colobot Wars mod lol) and the BuilderBot sounds like it will certainly make things more interesting as well!

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