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Refreshing levels
I think that flying/shooting drills is the part of the story, because of SatCom content.

Some of the points I'll try explain/expand, but not the all because of keyboard-time and language limits:

Quote:A.3.II We have no idea where we should go, no clues. This is hard, but not because you must think, this is just unfriendly.
There is some clues. Ruins and wrecks of the first expedition. We must just find and follow them. Even in SatCom there's a word about that.

Quote:A.5.III Why we (again) can't build anything? And why these Ants doesn't defend themselves? And why we can't just take the BB and fly away?
I think that's because of safety for the radar station after we fly away from this planet. In the whole game there's about keeping communication with the Earth by building radars and protect systems for them. I think we should add in this mission possibility to build defense towers or even the whole autonomous base, that will be keeping protect for months after our's departure.

Quote:A.6.V How these Ants did multiplied? Did they teleported there?
I always thought about AlienWasp's ability to grab and transport them. If we will split these 3 last missions on Volcano into one mission, there's a way to explain that. Or maybe we just put there some AlienEggs?

Quote:A.6.IV Not bad, but why that robot can fly without any limits unlike Me?
That's because that robot is more modern and half-organic. We can explain this in SatCom.

Quote:C.* && D* - if we have a licence to Ceebots, we could maybe add some exercises and challenges from then, maybe add some new ones, with different difficult.
Now we have a licence and sources for CeeBot-A and CeeBot-Teen. But we can't just mix all this programming course stuff without bigger changes in order of the exercises and material to learn for newbies or professionals. There should be one, big refactoring on it, and this should be even before refactoring on the missions and free-games, because this will be great opportunity to expand and keeping CBOT documentation up-to-date.

Well, there's a lot of material to do. But rewriting the main plot of the game I would left for Beta stage. We're still in Alfa stage. The game requires a high priority refactoring in the CBOT, documentation, Scene, languages, UI etc. and low priority into graphic/sound engine and main content of the game (models, textures, music, sounds, levels).

Of course, we can still discuss about plot in this topic. We can still making and polishing content for the future purposes in the project, but we must remember about these all basics and low-level things in the game's code.

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