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Proposal: small changes in models schema
I mean how current models are assembled.

First: We have separate models of head in helm and separate ones without helm. Changing head model need to apply same work on 2 files. Changing helm models force us to change 4 files. I think we could leave only one file with helm model, delete 4 models with heads in helm. It's forcing us to load 2 files instead of one in most missions, but it will be much easier to works with them in the future. Also, there would be trigger in scene file, like: "MeHelmed = true/false", that turn helm on/off.

Second: Bag have 2 different variants, but one of them occur in 2 files (human1v and bag), second only in human1h, it only doesn't have part of case on top. First model might just be loaded from current 'bag' file, so changing one of them would affect to bag lying in mission 1.1 and to bag on Me in most missions. But there is a problem with "damaged" part (because it's used in 3.2 mission, but also on 1.2 and 1.3). How we can remove that part? Additional model with "broken" bag?
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