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Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, & other language translations for Gold Edition
(04-16-2015, 06:31 AM)krzys_h Wrote:
(04-15-2015, 09:11 PM)tomangelo Wrote: Refactoring of translation system is necessary to provide better translating support. Current system can handle only 4 languages, but I agree that in future we should add better solution.

Not true - it can handle more than that. We've already added Russian. It only takes like 10 lines of code + running a few scripts to add new languages.

That's good, but I do think a documentation on how to add another language would be a welcome addition. I am by no means a programmer (especially when it comes to C++) and I've only been able to find a list of languages in src/common/global.h. What exactly are those "10 lines" and "a few scripts"?

And just BTW, are we going to have another go at Pootle? It seemed to worked fine until, well, it went batshit crazy. We can of course try some other solutions, like Weblate (which I remember as being really awful when dealing with a lot of strings from Game Dev Tycoon) or resort to a webapp like Transifex, CrowdIn or Zanata (haven't used the last one, but looks pretty slick).
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