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I've translated most of our Trello boards to English

I've also fixed some stuff. I think it's a really nice tool. It's a shame we didn't use it properly. We should consider to use it again. It gives a really clear view on what we most do, what is done and so on.

I don't have admin rights on some boards so the titles aren't fully translated. I've also left some Polish cards because of comments, but they should be archived soon.

I've also updated the rules. I think that this is what we've missed the previous time. So, if you use Trello, read this and check regularly for changes:

All TerranovaTeam members should be added to the organisation.
[Image: XvN5CTW.png] [Image: UYXyyMS.png]
I've removed Hunter3000 from organisation as there was no activity from him for a long period of time.
[Image: XvN5CTW.png] [Image: UYXyyMS.png]
Translation to English is very good idea. Can someone add me to the group? I have a nick "tomaszkax86" on Trello.
"After three days without programming, life becomes meaningless."
~The Tao of Programming
@tomaszkax86 Done.
[Image: XvN5CTW.png] [Image: UYXyyMS.png]
@tomaszkax86 I added you to the Game's Engine group.
Can't members join to the boards by themselves?
[Image: XvN5CTW.png] [Image: UYXyyMS.png]

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