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SpaceRocket's Bug Reports
I created this main thread for me to report COLOBOT GOLD bugs so that I wouldn't have to spam the forums.

Currently, I have a list of 10 bugs I have found. Some may have been fixed already, as I haven't yet had time to download the newest version.

Attached is a series of images. The number of each one corresponds to the number of the glitch on the list. (ex. "glitch2.jpeg" refers to Glitch #2 on this list.)

1. Typing "e" in cheat box causes selected object to attempt grabbing.

2. Screen goes black upon drowning death.

3. White fade effect for death and "Amnesia" mission do not work.

4. Turning off shadows causes strange graphics.

5. Nuclear Power Cells (and other items) temporarily linger after being destroyed in large numbers.

6. Landing the astronaut on the SpaceShip at high speed, then quickly launching causes astronaut to run out the other side and remain outside of the SpaceShip during launch.

7. Placing a discharged bot where a PowerStation is being built causes recharge sound to get stuck.

8. Player is able to pass through the BotFactory doors. (Ignore the background, my guard robot was fighting off a spider when I took the screenshot.)

9. Players can build structures in shallow water, while bots cannot.

10. In "Departure" cutscene, spaceship opens too early, causing one of it's doors to clip through the Portico.

See next post for the rest, I ran out of attachment room.

Series 2 of screenshots...

See next post for the last of them.

Series 3.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Can't you just report on GitHub? It's a lot easier to have all bug reports in one place and issues section in colobot GitHub repository is the one we prefer. And you can see there what we are aware of and what is already fixed. In the end even if a bug is reported on forum it must be written as an issue.
[Image: XvN5CTW.png] [Image: UYXyyMS.png]
Bugs 2 and 4 are fixed already (look at the latest dev version in our download. That versions should be tested and reported. Release of the final GOLD v0.1.5 Alpha will be soon). Some of the rest of them will be fixed in the GOLD 0.1.6 release, but still there will be bugs with sound and object collisions, because they need thorough refactoring in the future development. So they will be there until we reach the beta stage of the development probably.

As Simbax told, we will be grateful for report issues on GitHub here ( and testing only latest Colobot: Gold Edition DEV builds (
Because I still do not have Internet (I can only talk to you because I have COLOBOT on my portable laptop computer and can sometimes get wireless internet from other places), I have not bothered with GitHub yet. There is usually not enough time to do extra things like sign up for GitHub, since I have a lot of other stuff to do. Many of my posts have been pre-made offline to save time, that is how little time I usually have. (I read the last post by downloading the page.) Perhaps I shall sign up when I get my Internet Connection back.

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