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Issues and bugs
Hello. I found that while bot is aiming or turning it can't do anything else until it finish aiming/turning and it makes impossible writing of ideal program (for example, in my case) for shooting wasps flying past you because you can't make my bot turn and aim at the same time. And although it can be somehow solved by using motor(); instead of turn(); and adding a little extra values to aim(); it is bad, really uneffective solutions. Thus, I think, it would be better, if the devs will make turn(); and aim(); not delay the whole program. Or maybe make a modes for these instructios which will define: will they delay the program or not. Or you know what? I think it's time to implement threads. Though I don't know, maybe someone is already doing it or I just missed something. But in general there's plenty of things to do.

And yeah, I understand that a whole topic for such little details is too much, but I didn't found a related topic.

UPD: I forgot to tell you about some bugs (and I didn't found them at github and I also currently have no accounts there). These I got under Linux (debian). Maybe it fixed in latest versions, as I have not latest Colobot version from debian testing repos.
1. When the saved game is loaded, some information, such as absolute time and all current variables, lost. It is, of course, more important than issues above.
2. After some time after launch game may hangs and then I have to kill it's process.
And this is one that I found under windows 7 (then didn't even continue) within the latest colobot version (both user and dev).
1. Game can't find screenshots for saved games and after I loaded one, i see that even programs of all objects lost - even insects becomes dumbs. Changing directories in configuration file didn't help.

Also sorry for my english if it's little incorrect.

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