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Issues and bugs
That's good. I'll see it.

Hm, I have a thought about insects. Unlike ants spiders are completely not dangerous if you have at least one shooter. What if make modes of moving for them (walk/run) and make "run" mode very fast? Because IRL spiders, if you count their size, are really very fast, faster than champions-runners. And also decrease time of exploding for them? And it's good idea to make wasps do not slow down while approaching to position by goto(); and do not wait any time after this instructions completed. These two insects should be more dangerous than even ants which we meet on many missions. Although I don't have any ideas about worms - they're quite don't seems like real enemies. Maybe make them fully paralyze bots and buildings?
P.S. As far as I remember, when you moving wasp by motor() instruction, sometimes wasp may stuck at high buildings like defense tower when they're over them, and there's no way to make them free.

Well, there's the conclusion of my thoughts about what needs to be changed for a better gameplay.

At first, these moments:
1. The astronaut's suit should fully protect it's carrier, but take damage upon itself (but, of course, slower than bot's shield) and restore only during the spaceship flying from one place/planet to another. Explanation of this - special material of the suit, which was made on the Earth, and repairing of it on the ship while astronaut resting from it. Because how it happens now seems totally implausible (including squirting blood and lack of injuries), especially in case of a fall from height.
2. All the fresh ruins and wrecks after loading saved game drops their original models to the same one - it shouldn't be so.
3. Vault and Houston also should be indestructible. But it solves with magnifyDamage=0.0 parameter in a mission file.

There's also some changes in the instructions needed:
1. Bots and insects should not be slowed down while approaching to the destination point by executing instruction goto().
2. Maybe it's a good idea to make defense tower more precisely? I mean, they will shoot not to the point where they took aim at the beginning but where an enemy is at the current moment of time. Good programmed wasps can easily fool them and the ants which is down a steep slope has a chance to shoot. Thats why here it is even more efficient to use right programmed bots than defense towers. But it is written in satcom, that defense towers is the most efficient protection against any insects regardless of where they attack from, which is not very like the truth in this case.
3. Or maybe it's better idea to give to player capability to program them too? And then give to every new defense tower default program which is going by the old scheme.
4. Instructions aim(), fire() and turn() should not delay the whole program. Either separated threads for engine, gun/grabber and logic should be realized.
5. Capability to exclude already found objects (which will be contained in arrays) from searching should be added to radar() instruction.

And insects also should become more dangerous:
1. Wasps will be able to use any objects like titanium cube or uranium ore as projectiles but they will damage targets much less than orga-matter.
2. Orga-matter should not explode if it dropped by wasp which is on the ground at this time.
3. As I written above, instruction goto() should not slow down bots and insects, but to wasps it relates especially - they at all shouldn't slow down while approaching to their target. Even in satcom it is written that the wasps are very formidable enemies (at least in the translation to my language) - then let's make them such!
4. Also maybe it's good idea to make them little faster in flight? However, flying winged shooters won't be able to chase them, but I'm not sure that it's important. But after all these changes it will be able to organize full avia-raids!
5. The idea about wasp's ability to transport ants and spiders which I've seen at one of the topics - I liked it and I'm really for this.
6. Spiders should run more faster and explode faster and at a greater distance. Perhaps two movement modes - walk and sprint - should be implemented for them. And as some of you may know, IRL spiders, if you count their size, of course, are more faster than even runners-champions.
7. Most likely explosion of a spider should ignite everything around, including another insects. Possibly excluding another spiders (if their incendiary liquid is incendiary by itself, not in contact with air) and partially queen (which will take very low damage from these incendiary particles).
8. It will be better if worms will paralyze not the programs executing of bots, but themselves. Because at this moment they even don't seems like real enemies!

I want custom researches. I just want it. And possibility to change reactor range for all winged bots on the map, including those that built in the bot factory during the game process. I hope, it will be possible after code refactoring...

I would be glad to have an instruction for worms that will return level of their submersion in the ground - 0.0 would mean that worm is fully on the ground and 1.0 would mean that worm is fully underground.
Maybe it's not so difficult as custom researches...

I found now that worm's model done badly:
As you can see in this picture on a quite steep slopes and ledges worms stretches wrong and their parts tends to break away from each other.
About spiders, I found this long ago - when you thumping while a spider in the radius and then you getting closer then you discover this situation.
Spider upside down but it's program still tries to make it explode despite it's position. And the spider can't nor explode nor not explode. It would be possible to get a spider do not explode in this position but there even isn't any instruction that returns it's position.
As for me, it seems like original colobot devs was really sloppy.

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