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Issues and bugs
(06-05-2015, 04:33 PM)Bot2Hot Wrote: Im using alpha 1.3 Debian-Build on a linux box.

dpkg -l|grep colobot

ii  colobot                  0.1.3-1 amd64 educational programming strategy game
ii  colobot-common           0.1.3-1 all   educational programming strategy game - data
ii  colobot-common-sounds    0.1.3-1 all   educational programming strategy game - sounds and music
ii  colobot-common-textures  0.1.3-1 all   educational programming strategy game - textures
This is kinda an old version. We've already released 0.1.4 and we're almost ready to release 0.1.5 (once I find some time to prepare release builds for download).
I have no idea how Debian/Ubuntu packages are updated, but I think @OdyX has to do this since he is the package maintainer.
You can get the latest release (0.1.4) and development 0.1.5 builds on our main page -

(06-05-2015, 04:33 PM)Bot2Hot Wrote: - nuclear cells can't be found by radar. item.position has undefined values for them.
Workaround so far is taking them out of the nuclear plant by waiting 35 seconds then grab and then using them directly without any dropping in between.
If you can't detect a NuclearCell inside NuclearPlant, that's because it's not standing on the ground. Use this instead:
object plant = radar(NuclearPlant);
object cell = plant.energyCell;
If you can't detect it in any other case, that's either a bug we don't know about or the level author blocked scanning of that object on purpose by using proxyActivate=true with proxyDistance=0.

(06-05-2015, 04:33 PM)Bot2Hot Wrote: - the file requester box shows files mixed, no sorting possible. I miss the ordinary headlines in order to sort by name/size/date
That would be nice to have. Added to GitHub -

(06-05-2015, 04:33 PM)Bot2Hot Wrote: - sometimes reading/saving gets crumbled filenames. so LongFilename.txt gets sometimes LongFilename. or LongFilename.tx.txt
That has been partially fixed in 0.1.4, you still can't use too long filenames, but it won't append .txt if it would get cut off.

(06-05-2015, 04:33 PM)Bot2Hot Wrote: - programmes with umlauts ÖÄÜöäüß get strange characters and dont work anymore
I remember that there were some problems with Polish characters like ąćęńśżź too. Keep in mind that you shouldn't be able to use them as a program name because it's like a function name, but the problem still exists in message() function.
A workaround seems to be to copy them from an external text editor.
Added as

(06-05-2015, 04:33 PM)Bot2Hot Wrote: - Changing the appearance of the Astronout leads to white rendering of him although it works later on but you cant modify things in realtime (in the meaning of youll see nothing).
That's one of the oldest bugs in Gold Edition that we still didn't find a way to fix properly. Temporary fix is coming in 0.1.5 soon. See

(06-05-2015, 04:33 PM)Bot2Hot Wrote: - The maximum font size just looks acceptible. The min is way to small. Can you add more/bigger size like 3 more steps to maxium font size?
I think this was done already since 0.1.3 but I'm not sure. That was a long time ago.

(06-05-2015, 04:33 PM)Bot2Hot Wrote: 1. It is possible to use public functions for all bots. If the bot with the public function in its memory get's distroyed the code gets lost also...
So why not make the spaceship be able to have those public funtions in its memoy (add Programme -registers like for the bots, but code  only with "public" can be used).
Then any robot can access those functions and in case of a bot being destroyed the public function code still exists.
As the SpaceShip is the base station of all so tho speak you could explain this with its communication nature and surely any remote control of any bot is being send from here.
I was also thinking about some way of protecting public functions from being lost by destroing robot that holds them. The main problem with using SpaceShip as memory for public functions is that it's only available in missions mode, you wouldn't be able to use that in free game, exercises and challenges.
Also, any changes to CBot will have to wait until we rewrite the whole compiler. It's really ugly right now, and it's hard to change anything without breaking everything else.

(06-05-2015, 04:33 PM)Bot2Hot Wrote: 2. A dual-screen solution would be very useful, so having the original Colobot window on screen 1 and on screen 2 you have either SatCom or the CBOT-Editor as own windows. Maybe just seperate windows for each are enough to achieve this. Also a sperate window for the "watch" (=showing variable values of any relevant information) would be a good idea. At the moment the space under the editorfield is very small.
That's a very good idea. I never throught about that. Added to GitHub:

(06-05-2015, 04:33 PM)Bot2Hot Wrote: 3. Add some more screen resolutions (or free aspect so everybody can finetune to his/her own monitor).
I throught that 0.1.3 had the ability to resize the window by dragging the corner. This was disabled later due to some issues with reloading textures after changing resolution. We probably have to ask @piotrdz or @tomaszkax86 about that since I don't really know much of OpenGL/SDL.
See old issue

(06-05-2015, 04:33 PM)Bot2Hot Wrote: 4. I miss breakpoints in the editor for debugging. One button more like "run until breakpoint" and a seperate mark per line would be enough ... like we are used to in Microsoft VBA for example.
That would be awesome, but needs to wait until CBot rewrite.

(06-05-2015, 04:33 PM)Bot2Hot Wrote: 5. I'v got all the 58 user-developed programms that used to be on the Epsitec Homepage where they are no more accessible. Where can I send/upload them?
We already have a mirror of them. See and

(06-05-2015, 04:33 PM)Bot2Hot Wrote: 6. There should be a code-exchanging place. Is the wiki or this forum the place for them and especially where precisely ?
We used to have a page where we published programs, kinda like the old Epsitec site. It's still available under, but it's going to be moved to our Wordpress-based main page when I find some time. Also, most of the old programs are available only in Polish.
Also, I've noticed that there is really no good place on our forums to put things that work both in original and gold edition. Feel free to use either one of Workshop forums for now.

PS. Did you see the awesome dynamic shadows that @tomaszkax86 implemented recently? Big Grin
[Image: cRLVLG1.png]

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