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Issues and bugs
Hello again,

now I've updated to colobot 0.15-2 (debian linux). Thank you for telling the debian guy to update this package.

So far I've found these things:

Translation errors:
In a lot of satellite reports you tell in German about "Platinerz"(=platinum ore) that doesn't make sense. It should be "Uranerz" (=uranium ore).
Also the term "Energiefelder" (=energy fields) sounds wrong. Only related to Oil (Ölfeld) it sounds right. So it should be better translated to "Energiequellen" or "Energievorkommen". If this is a problem because of string length you could use "Energ.quellen" (13 chars) as a abreviation.

filepath of user programs is /home/username/.local/share/colobot/savegame/Spieler/program/xyz.txt
subdirectories in this directory are listed as if they were files with size 4096, so no subdirectory can be used.
The file sorting in now alphabetically, thanks. As minor hint I detected that filenames are case sensitive (lower case files are displayed way after upper case filenames). Perhaps this is only relevant on linux machines and doesn't occur on Windows machines.

freemission 1 Leaving Earth:
- it is only possible to build a robot factory but nothing else. How to play this level then ?
- only wheeled robot can be built in the robot factory
- cheat codes / CTRL-Pause do not work anymore so no workaround possible
- no satellite report tells us information about ores, energy, etc.
- how to start other free missions like going to other planets? Seems not to be possible right now.

mission chapter 3 tropia 5:
- It feels inconsistent that you know already how to build a subber. In the past and in future missions you had to research everything first. So I want to suggest that you should please add the possibility to build a research lab to spaceguy and revert research status.
- I like the wrecks under water very much - there should be more under water wrecks in other missions.

mission chapter 4 cristallia 1:
- in SatCom controllcenter you don't get information on how to end the level. But I'fe read English an French mission text also. Only in the solution texts you get a hint what to do.
- I'm stuck although I could end this level in colobot 0.13-1. I've built the radar at the same spot as in 0.13-1 and defend tower nearby so the red circle showing the defending range is much bigger than the radar position. I also killed all warms (controll center didn't tell you have to kill'em all, got this hint from solution only). Nevertheless I can't start the rocket after getting on board (with wheeled grabber, winged grabber, winged shooter an spaceguy).

Other suggestion:
I had the idea to keep public functions surving destroyed robots by having a program-storage in the rocket. krzys_h told me that freemission doesn't provide a rocket. So why not add a program-storage for public functions in the spaceguy remote control unit/satcom device?

Old bugs:
I can confirm that the rendering issue of the spaceguy appearance now is ok in 0.15-2.
Maximum font size now looks a bit bigger than in 0.13-1 but could be improved nevertheless.

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