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Unstarted levelpack
I was going to make a pack of missions and now only one scene is completed. As I planned at first there would be about 17-19 different missions staged in particular order, with a moments that you haven't seen in the original game, and I even planned them, gave them names and started at some, but I'm really not sure now that I want to continue. I want you to make me sure in one question - it is good idea for me to continue take a time to this or I would better to do more useful matters. I'm personally inclined to second.
You may try this one which will help you to form opinion about what I do:
If you will, unpack it, rename in levels directory scene404.txt to scene 405.txt and free401.txt to free402.txt and put ai, help, levels and texture folders to data directory.
Some screenshots.
It is one of "easy" missions and it doesn't outstandings by anything. Though it is not most interesting scene unlike most of others it exists and it completed. Although there still may be roughnesses. Any criticism and any thoughts are desirable, I would glad to know what do you think.

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