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Presentation of Grunaka
Hi everyone,

I am Grunaka, I like motorbike, video games and programming.

I have started to study programming with Colobot some years ago.
Now i am looking for an open source project in which to get involved.
I think it will be great if I can contribute to Colobot the game that make me like programming.

Now what can I do for the project ?

A few month ago I found a post on the forum that say that Colobot lack of unit tests.
I check the github repository and it seem that someone already add some new tests.
But you know what we say "There is never enough test".

I have seen in the repository that there still issue present. I can work on that too if needed.
I have already try to solve an issue #466.
I found a working solution to solve this issue.
But It's ugly and I don't really understand why this is working.
So I will wait before submitting the correction.

So if you need more unit test or if you need help to solve the issues let me know.

Hello and welcome to our project!

Any help is appreciated. If you have a solution to #466, you can create a pull request on Github and we will merge it into our repository. And you want to discuss it first, you can join us on our IRC channel.

Regarding the unit tests, the problem is more complicated, as there are few well defined "units" in our code so far. There are also many things which cannot be really tested with unit tests, such as graphics code. However, there are some areas of code which could use unit tests very much, like the CBOT library. We can discuss it in more detail on IRC.

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