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An email to Polish Ministry of Education
More important things found! Big Grin
1. It's multiplatform. That might be important for some schools, for example I remember that we had Macintosh computers in my primary school...
2. It keeps combatibility with old hardware as much as possible, so it shold run fine even on old school computers.
3. You still didn't add an information that the game is free. This is very important, because original Colobot was not, and schools are probably unlikely to pay for such software
4. Is Epsitec a "studio"?
5. I think this kind of official email to goverment should really be signed with real name of one of the TerranovaTeam admins

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RE: An email to Polish Ministry of Education - by krzys_h - 07-23-2015, 10:51 AM

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