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[split] TerranovaTeam's password storage
Here's how I would do it.

I would create a text file on some good, well-known, safe hosting, which lets for private documents. My first thought: Google Docs. Google document can be private, that is it can be available for view only for specific people. We store our passwords in there, give access to admins and problem solved.

Now, my arguments:
  • A separate database would require us to remember one, master password. Imagine the chaos happening, when one day everybody loses this password, which is not that far from real scenario considering how well we "remember" our actual passwords.
  • I don't like encrypting. It would require us to store keys for decrypting anyway, which are much more easier to be lost and generally, at least for me, it would be an unnecessary pain in the ***. There's much greater chance of a human mistake resulting in leaking a password than an appearance of an imaginary hacker who would get into our private document on Google Docs.
  • It's hard to find anyone who does not have a Google account already, nowadays. Everybody will use their normal, private, easier to remember passwords to log in on their accounts to gain access to the file, so there won't be any "hey, what was the password again?" messages.
However, there is one flaw with this solution. Accounts of the admins might be vulnerable. Level of security of the passwords will be measured in the level of security of the most vulnerable account (this may be a weak password, carelessness of the admin and so on...). But, we already work like that on forum, Facebook, etc., so it doesn't make any difference.

I'd be glad if you wrote what you think, so we can solve the problem of storing shared passwords as soon as possible.
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