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code battles are cool!!!
My favorite game.

The new code battles feature is really cool!
I made some maps for that.

I have been tinkering with the source code also.

      mp4 video 11MB

Would you consider a modification like this??
I like this feature. This would simplify a lot of things. However, we would need to introduce some kind of control in CBot. My proposal for move():

move(distance, direction);

move(2.0);           // moves 2 meters forward
move(2.0, Front);    // moves 2 meters forward
move(2.0, Back);     // moves 2 meters backward
move(2.0, Left);     // moves 2 meters to the left
move(2.0, Right);    // moves 2 meters to the right

Negative values would mean opposite direction, so -2.0 to the right would mean 2.0 to the left and such. Direction defaults to Front. We could add similar parameters to motor() and other movement functions.

We need approval of other members.
"After three days without programming, life becomes meaningless."
~The Tao of Programming
I don't like it, at least for now. Robots are not designed for such controls and it looks really odd. Maybe in the future with new models. Strafing with Me is much more needed and natural in my opinion. Strafing vehicles... Not so much.
[Image: XvN5CTW.png] [Image: UYXyyMS.png]
It may have a sense with Flying and Legged bots, but with Wheeled bots it looks strange, I'm not even thinking about Tracked bots. So if we could include strafing, then it should be available only for flying (bots, wasps) and legged (aliens, humans, leggedbots) objects.

edit: And with these maps - they looks very interesting, idea of labirynth, where we must find resources is IMHO good. Also we must remember about defending these points, otherwise we may loose.
Spoiler :
[Image: unknown.png]
I think this feature may be good as the future mod/addon for Colobot: Gold Edition. Official implementation of this would be interesting in completely new wheeled robots in Colobot 2. I agree with @tomangelo - for now this would be useful in winged robots and wasps.

I like those reliefs. They're much better than mine. It would be nice to use them as official in new code battle levels for next Colobot: Gold Edition 0.1.7. We are releasing 0.1.6 in a week and unfortunately we have still a lot of work.
Edit: I can dropbox a zip with the changed files if anybody is curious.

@youguys thanks for the kind words.

It actually looks smoother in game than low-res 15fps video
and it feels right with a gamepad.

how I did it:

extended "PhysicsMode enum" and "Motion struct"
simply don't set values in "Motion" to deny one bot or another.

currently it is only applied to Wheeled and Winged bots.

fixed existing conditions where wheels spin the wrong way
or the wrong speed or not at all.

added code for sound, battery, particles, and acceleration tilt.

about 6kb to 10 files. Up-To-Date with dev branch.

Use the reliefs if you like them I wont claim them. I'll make more, for this I use mtPaint.

As for the mod, it's just a hobby and I wanted to share.
It looks nice, but like others said, something like this would be considered rather in Colobot 2 than Gold Edition.
It would be nice if you could share the code, we might reuse at least parts of that in the future - but be aware that this will probably be a very far future.
An idea for CBot:
Similar to "topo()"
      "point=slope(point); //returns a normal vector"

Likely not an original idea but it could make it more
practical to attempt pathfinding in CBot programs.
edit:  if you already grabbed this I made 1 small error its good now.

This map looks cool with fog and pebble texture with traces of green.
      Another relief<<<<<<<

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