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Hi all !

Here is a small introduction of mine, for those who want to know best who i am.

Pseudo: fanch
Nickname: fanch
Name: François
Age: 30 years... Time run too fast for me Wink

Why i am here: In 2003, i was in the university (Rennes I) and a friend of mine told me about a programming game, called Colobot. Whe played together, and in fact that's who i really learned about coding. After the university, i stopped the game, but i continued to play on my computer (Diablo I, II, and now III). I heard about the new release of colobot by the same friend that introduced me Colobot, and now i'm back on the game.

My life: i work on horticulture, and what i prefer are acid-loving plants: azaleas, japanese maples, Hydrangeas, ... I love music, reading, astronomy/astrophysics (i have a poor level), ...

What can i do: learn, i have to learn !

Nice to be back on the game


Hello fanch! Nice to meet you on our forum. You're probably one of the oldest users here, on ICC Smile .

We're hope that our Colobot: Gold Edition remake will be a nice gaming/programming experience to you. Especially when we release new version soon Big Grin .
There is soemone older than me on the game, i think he is on the forum Wink

I began to re-play the mission, and... waww, it's still exciting. I'm really happy, i missed this feeling.

You said "New release" in the same sentence tha "soon"? Hummm, i start to drool over it...
We want to release new version in this Sunday. Main added feature is code battles, 2 teams of robots are fighting with each other, every team will be programmed by another person. So you can challenge your friends who will make better program, that will destroy enemy base Big Grin
Spoiler :
[Image: unknown.png]
Yeah !

No doubt this will be great (despite of my bad level of coding skills).

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