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Code Battle League – Nohus
I am publishing my first Code Battle.
Mrocza beat me to being the first to post one, but it turns out that I win with his one.
Can't wait for more submissions to compete against or Mrocza updating.
Surely we aren't the only ones interested? I can think of a few strategies worth trying, but there is no one to try them against.

NohusBattle – Version 1
  • Available here: NohusBattle_v1_release.txt – Copy and paste into the game, Colobot won't open this file, which is in fact interesting.
  • Works on both the Blue and the Red team
This program aims to win by attacking the enemy faster than the enemy can attack.
The WingedShooters it creates are programmed in a horrible way and would probably lose any fight, so everything really depends on them being the first to attack.
They like taking a bath in the river all the time.

Any comments?

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