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Level Pack V2 24.05.2016 NEW UPDATE AND TRAILER! - New planets, immersive missions.
They work for me as a zip in /mods. Try un-ziping them to a folder in /mods.
I'm playing with a recent dev version 64bit Linux. I can't test it on windows.
I will test it with other versions.
It maybe the %chap% reference or CRLF, I don't know. <--not likely.

It works with alpha-0.1.6-master.

I have have to compile locally because there is no current release for linux that I know of.

Maybe one of the admins can help.

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RE: 4 immersive custom missions and 2 sandboxes on 2 new planets - by melex750 - 11-26-2015, 10:47 AM

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