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Level Pack V2 24.05.2016 NEW UPDATE AND TRAILER! - New planets, immersive missions.
I'm uploading version where all jpgs and bmps (not including res and relief files) were converted to png, and scene files modified accordingly. I also removed Texture Opaque stuff, but left it for first planet. No new features yet from future updating plans though.
For 0.1.6 verision users I'll atach alternative scene.txt's for replacement, without any TO stuff (Transparent oil looks silly on first planet and I don't like to keep it official, so for 0.1.6 users there's a small emergency replacement. )
Edit.: Tested levels with Colobot Gold aplha 0.1.6 win64 portable and levels work even with Texture Opaque stuff on first planet. More info in first postSmile

Overall it should work without any errors with dev version, and with alpha 0.1.6 (win64 portable at least). Smile
I just uploaded updated version of my levels Smile I'm also making a youtube video for them, as the thread reached more than 1000 viewsSmile

Edit: Video uploaded, you can watch the trailer here.

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