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Level Pack V2 24.05.2016 NEW UPDATE AND TRAILER! - New planets, immersive missions.
@True Destroyer : Good Job on these levels. I haven't passed any yet because of lack of free time but I'm gonna play this finally in following days.

But there's unfortunately one scary thing that I must say about it. The optimization. I mean this package is really huge, even as for a standard level pack with hi-res textures and music. ~128 MB download and ~145 unzip makes it even bigger than standard debug Colobot: Gold Edition build. It's all because there's so many unnecessary file duplicates that you could remove without messing up so much with the levels itself. Just place textures that are used by several levels and change some lines in scene files. For example:

All levels from "Amber" chapter that are using the terra001.png texture currently search it into level directory:
TerrainInitTextures image="%lvl%/terra.png" // Search a file into levels\custom\Amber\level001\...
But you can move this and also other duplicated texture into chapter directory and change this line into something like this:
TerrainInitTextures image="%chap%/terra.png" // Search a file into levels\custom\Amber\...
If multiple chapters are using the same files, then you can put these files into category (of the game mode) directory and load them by this command:
TerrainInitTextures image="%cat%/terra.png" // Search a file into levels\custom\...
The same you can do not only with texture files, this is only an example.

After removing duplicates you can go further and follow the other tips:
  • Compress all textures into high-compressed lossless PNG, even those resource and relief ones.
  • Remove all Construct.bmp's. They aren't used by any level, so their existance isn't really helpful.
  • Don't copy files that are already in the Colobot: Gold Edition data package (for example lens1.png). You should do this only when you want to save the look of original Colobot texture in your level even if standard Gold Edition data package will change and update several assets used in original levels.
  • Use "#Include file=" command in scene file if your levels' code are using a lot of lines that are the same between levels or chapters. Then you can just split those lines of "SceneCode" into separate file.

Well, that's it for now. Remember, I'm not criticizing your work, especially when I not really played it yet. That's only my suggestion after a quick check of your package after download.

And sorry for my english, hope I'm readable enough Wink .

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