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Level Pack V2 24.05.2016 NEW UPDATE AND TRAILER! - New planets, immersive missions.
I really like the updated high-quality textures! These levels look a lot better in comparasion to original Colobot missions, this looks very close to how I would want the official levels to look in Gold Edition. The only thing that doesn't seem to fit are the mountains on the edge of the map. You can either try to make the maps bigger (mosaic= and brick= in TerrainGenerate command - be aware that this is undocumented, experimental and may break in future releases), or disable the mountains on the edge with border=0 in one of the terrain commands (I don't remember which one) and add something on the border manually.
I should probably finally find some time to play these levels, because they look awesome Wink

EDIT: Oh, and a quick technical note. I noticed this somewhere in the logs:
[WARN]: Creating non-power-of-2 texture (5200x5200)!
The texture resolution should always be a power of 2, otherwise you may have terrible performance problems on older GPUs (@RaptorParkowsky knows something about that...). In this case, the you should either downscale the texture to 4096x4096 (recommended, this texture is HUGE anyway) or upscale to 8192x8192 (not recommended, wastes space and some GPUs might not support so big resolutions).

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