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Sound Effect replacement pack for Colobot: Gold Edition
There's some sounds that I would put into official Colobot GOLD builds even now, but most of them are a half or really bad. Well, good graphics are relatively easy to achieve but proper sounds are a lot harder, especially if GOLD's sound OpenAL implementation still is buggy and there is too much sound samples that game is playing with different speed and pitch. Without sound refactoring it will be hard to remaster GOLD's sound samples and finally change them in official repo.

There's my list of likes/dislikes:

-- - 100% bad
-+ - 50% bad
+- - 50% good
++ - 100% good

-- 009 failure sound                    - Original IMHO better and fits prefectly into Colobot design.
++ 011 random beep                      - Sounds strange but cool. I also like the original. Possibly we should use both depend of the situation?
+- 014 random beep                      - For message pop-up I prefer the original one, otherwise it's ok.
+- 017 annoying beep                    - In main menu I prefer the original one, otherwise it's ok.
-- 018 healing                          - I think we should stay with the original one that IMO requires only some noise reduction.
-+ 019 research center researching      - Well, doesn't really fit into Colobot design, too futuristic, maybe Colobot 2 will be a reason to use this particular sound. I think we should only remaster the original one in Colobot GOLD.
-- 022 menu asterisk                    - Maybe I'm stranger, but I really love this sound in all original EPSITEC games, it's so iconic that I would only remaster that old one.
-- 023 menu unavailable beep            - This is probably also DefenseTower shooting sound. I would stay with the original one.
-+ 025 cannon                           - Too asynchronous with fireballs in game & too long.
-- 026 breathing                        - Too low bass with some strange noises, I think original is better.
++ 030 some beep                        - Really good, but I would use also the original one in some places.
++ 031 low battery beep                 - Definitely to replace with next version of GOLD!
-- 033 some alien sound                 - I'm really not interested into any changes of alien sounds. Only remastering is acceptable. For me they're too iconic and they're so original to compare with other sci-fi alien sounds that they must stay with GOLD remake.
++ 040 charge sound                     - Sounds really good in game, but somehow strange outside the game. Definitely to replace with next version of GOLD.
-- 049 organic cannon                   - Sounds too mechanic, less organic than in original.
-+ 063 human "AYYY"                     - Too old-school FPS pain-sound style but still a little better than original.
-- 066 alien dies                       - Again, I'm not into alien sound changes business.
-+ 069 human dies "AU"                  - Again too old-school FPS pain-sound style.
-+ 070 human cough                      - Too futuristic with woman's "HEV" voice for Colobot design. "Cough" sample is rather ok but there's too much echo.
++ 072 annoying overheat sound          - Original used in main menu is good, but when engine is overheating it's not that cool. Definitely to replace with next version of GOLD!
-- 079 some weird sound                 - Better original.
-- 080 some weird possibly alien sound  - This is sound of orgaballs hitting the ground. Again, original sounds more organic and better.

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