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User Interface Texture replacement pack for Colobot: Gold Edition (3 variants now!)
I don't quite like the old Colobot textures (which had not been considered nice and proper for a sci-fi themed game even in 2001).
I just wanted to show everyone that it's not that hard to fiddle with those textures and make them more applicable for today's standards, even at the current state of the game engine. Keep in mind, that it also modifies the menu buttons. Available in three versions: blue, orange and classic light. They are made to be easily modified even in MS Paint, so go on and experimentSmile I'm looking for your feedback.

The classic light is the newest version, which is eye friendly, and recommended for its neutral white-ish colors.

[Image: 17coet.png]


Choose only one of the color variants and downlad the proper .zip below.
After downloading, simply put the whole .zip file in your "mods" directory (...\Program Files\colobotgold\data\mods). Don't unpack it.
It's recommended to have only one of the color variants .zip files in the "mods" at a time.
To uninstall simply remove the .zip from the "mods" folder.

Download the UI Texture Pack ORANGE here - 0.3 MB
Download the UI Texture Pack BLUE here - 0.3 MB
Download the UI Texture Pack LIGHT CLASSIC (New!) here - 0.3 MB

Thanks to krzys_h for help with repacking stuff to mod folder compatible .ZIP packagesSmile

For Colobot: Gold Edition check out my TrueLevels level pack, UI Texture replacement pack and Sound Effect replacement pack.
Trailer for TrueLevels and my youtube channel here. Cheers!
(02-19-2016, 12:11 AM)True Destroyer Wrote: Installation:
Choose the folder with the version you desire (orange, blue or original - to revert the process) and merge the "textures" folder inside with the one in your Colobot: Gold Edition directory (....\Program Files\colobotgold\data\textures).
Replace all files!
Or just copy either the "blue" or "orange" folders into your mods folder. The directory structure is exactly correct for this. No need to worry about reverting then, as you can just remove the mod folder and be done.

Really nice job with these textures. If I were you I would also replace the main menu background as the default one doesn't really match the theme.
I really like those new flat-designed textures. Fit to today's standards pretty well. There's of course some disadvantages like that they are a little bit too monocolor but I think this will be good reference for official UI when CEGUI refactoring will be done. Of course official UI textures must be prepared in vector as we already have all UI assets vectorized. There will be easy way to modify them.

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