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Loading programs in user levels
(03-13-2016, 09:26 PM)krzys_h Wrote: Hi

What program exactly are you trying to load? Some default alien programs require you to set their movement paths using cmdline= parameter in scene file, but the exact format varies depending on program.

To create a thread just click on the "Post thread" button in a category view, like this one. I moved this post to a new thread.

PS. Just in case you don't know, if you use the 'selectinsect' cheat in the console (activated by `) you can select the ants and access their programming menu like in any other robot.

Sorry about this! But i figured it out for now.

I was trying to load "antict" into a few ants to guard black box, and attack anything that goes near them.  Just like in Tropica 3.  I could seem to do it.  I had to use a similar but a tiny but slower program of a friend of mine's.

I'll begin to work with the cmdline stuff, and experiment on another scene.

Thanks for the reply!

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