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A warning for the Colobot community
I'm asking you: are you proud of yourself? Do you know what are you doing?Do you even have human reason and dignity? I don't even know, you didn't even thought what are you doing and who are you threating. You can threat these who deserved it, but not our small community and our little, beloved project, that's not who you can just harass because you want it. I don't know what do you know about licensing, but you surely don't know what is open-source license. If you think you're so great, then you're crazy and you should be blocked. I don't know what's funny in there, but go warning TPB or Mega or other illegal sites, but leave alone projects such as Colobot: Gold Edition. How can you even post such abominations on forum? I'm asking who should answer to that, because it's clearly obvious you aren't part of any open-source project, maybe you're believing in closed-source.
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A warning for the Colobot community - by TestUser - 04-01-2016, 09:50 AM
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