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A little argument between Simbax and Raptor
krzys_h Wrote:
  • @RaptorParkowsky tries to force his 'fixed logos' again, but nobody cares

And that was only beginning of my implementation of these logos...
@RaptorParkowsky Why are you even speaking to us? Talk with people who actually voted on your logo. I don't know what you're expecting from people who voted against, that they will accept the change with alacrity? I'm sure that @DavivaD or @RaptorParkowsky will give you the opinions you want to see about changing the logos. Good luck!
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(04-03-2016, 07:03 PM)Simbax Wrote: @RaptorParkowsky Why are you even speaking to us?

Why I still speaking with you? Well, because I still feel that I'm important and needful to this project, especially after that you guys released that unbootable and untested rubbish called GOLD-0.1.7.
Quote:13:35:46 krzys_h: If Raptor was here, he would have probably tested this... :/

Only few days without me, and you started colapsing in such trivial aspects...

And you guys still don't listen to me when I say that you should test GOLD as clean as possible, what means removing the save dir before run almost every build. Especially at this stage of development, when engine is not fully refactored yet.

Even if you guys treat me like aesthetical charlatan, I'll be here and do what I have to as long as I can. Because I wasted half of my life playing and then making the Colobot and I feel that's my thing to do.
God damn it, I didn't say you can't speak to us at all, I said that it is illogocal to talk to us about the logos, because we voted against them and are tired of this thread, so please, leave us alone and let us focus on other things. If you convince all the TT members who voted for them, I won't be opposing. In fact, I would vote for them if not the circumstances, which hurt me to this day and you didn't even say sorry. And all this could not happen only if you at least TOLD ME that the logos are imperfect and why and I'd even help you with implementing them.
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