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[Idea] New Modes for CodeBattles
(04-14-2016, 05:45 PM)DavivaD Wrote: 1. Football (from CeeBot4):
- The rules are simple. You need to program the team captain and the goalkeeper.
- Team members: 1 captain, 1 attacker, 1 defender, 1 goalkeeper.
- The ball may can be white organic matter with a modified physics (to be able to push this).
- The game ends by 5 points difference.
- The camera is from the air.
I hope to have that working at some point. I really liked the idea of programming football robots in CeeBot4, even though when I last played it a lot of years ago I didn't really understand how they work Tongue

(04-14-2016, 05:45 PM)DavivaD Wrote: 2. Race (from CeeBot4):
- Rules:
1) If you are playing against the computer, program your robot.
2) If you are playing against player. Each player has to program their robot (max. The number of robots to be programmable: 10).
- Composition: From 2 to 10 robots- chasers.
- Maps can may be different. From the land based up to the flying.
- Camera: Any
This is also already possible and I already ported one of CeeBot4 levels for testing. The robots are a bit too slow though. I do think this should be included in main game at some point.

(04-14-2016, 05:45 PM)DavivaD Wrote: 3. Capture The Flag (idea from this topic):
- Rules:
1) Take the enemy "flag" to your base.
2) If the Gatherer was destroyed, the game will automatically open the Vault with the new Gatherer.
3) If all Gatherers will be destroyed - GAME OVER
- Composition: 1 WheeledGrabber (Gatherer), 4 WheeledShooters (Bodyguards) and 10 backup Gatherers in Vaults.
- Maps can may be different. From the land based up to the flying.
- Camera: Any
I don't really see this in the main game, but it's quite a cool idea that could be implemented in some userlevel using LevelController script.

(04-14-2016, 05:45 PM)DavivaD Wrote: 4. King of the Hill (@Emxx52 suggested this idea)
- Rules:
1) Two teams have to fight with each other and gain an important place for the win.
2) The game is from 1 to 10 minutes.
3) Winning team is the longest will withstand in an important place.
- Composition: organic robots 5 on the legs with the possibility of respawn
- Map: Any of the with selected an important place (eg. Mountain).
- Camera: Any
Totally possible as a level using LevelController script. This could be an extension to code battles though, not a separate gamemode.

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